the minister of budget and economic planning,  atiku bagudu has stated that part of the agenda 2050 for nigeria is the need for investment of  at least $100 billion  from the private sector. the minister  said that  the agenda 2050 was  developed by federal government in partnership with subnational governments, the private sector, and civil society groups across the country.    the minister pointed out a reduction in the deficit, indicating a drop from a 6.11 per cent debt-to-deficit ratio in 2023 to less than 4 per cent in 2024. he said this substantial decrease in the deficit had not gone unnoticed by investors. the minister also noted the president’s determination to address issues stifling economic growth across various sectors such as agriculture, power, digital economy and energy. he mentioned that the ministry of finance incorporated has been strengthened and given clarity, emphasizing that all stranded assets not put to good use should be identified and made available for potential investors, whether in partnership with the ministry of finance incorporated or the ministry of petroleum incorporated.